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Hello!   Welcome to Hunters Creek Elementary School Counseling Program!


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School Counselors make a world of a difference!

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I make it my mission to focus on the developmental needs of all students and serve as their advocate within a safe and nurturing environment by partnering with staff, families, and community members.  As the school counselor, I am committed to addressing academic and career goals, as well as the social and personal needs of the students while facilitating life-long learning and empowering our students to be responsible world citizens and excellent leaders.  I will embrace diversity and respond to the cultural needs and interests of each student.  Also, I will strive to follow the school counseling standards and ethical standards of the American School Counselor Association( ASCA).


Students will develop skills that will enable them to achieve their highest potential by being a part of a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on the well-being of the whole child.

Today’s school counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who have a minimum of a master’s degree in counseling and are trained to remove barriers to learning. They provide education, prevention, early identification and intervention services to address the academic, personal/social and career development needs of all students.

School Counselors provide the following services to the students:

Classroom Guidance:  Lessons delivered through the use of instruction and planned activities.  Lessons will focus on the academic, career and personal/social development. Also, character education is provided during classroom guidance. 

Here is a list of 2017-2018 Character Traits:

September- Respect

October- Self-Control/Self-Discipline

November- Caring/Kindness


January- Integrity/Honesty

February- Cooperation

March- Citizenship

April- Perseverance

At the end of each month, homeroom teachers choose a student that has demonstrated the character trait of the month.  The student will attend the Character Education celebration and earn a certificate.

Collaboration:  Teaming/Partnering with other stakeholders to support the students,parents and staff.

Consultation: Working with professionals inside and outside the school building to assist in identifying and addressing barriers to student achievement. 

Crisis Response:  Helping students navigate critical and emergency situations.  This includes recognizing and responding to student mental health crisis and offering short-term intervention, referral and follow up.

Individual Counseling:  Planned, goal-focused, short-term counseling sessions to assist the students in overcoming issues that impedes success.

***A minimum of 4 counseling sessions with the school counselor.  The parent/guardian must sign the permission form to allow the student to have sessions with the counselor.

Individual Student Planning:  Analyzing and evaluating the students' abilities, interests and skills and achievement as the basis for helping students make decisions and develop immediate and long-range educational, career and personal plans.

Small Group Counseling:  Short-term group counseling sessions with 2 or more students with similar developmental or situational challenges with the goal of achieving healthy personal adjustment.

***A minimun of 4 counseling sessions with the school counselor.  The parent/guardian must sign the permission form to allow the student to have sessions with the counselor.

(Students do not need a parent's permission form for lunch bunch. Lunch bunch provides social interaction for the student and his/her peers in a safe and nurturing environment. During lunch bunch, Mrs. Williamson enjoys getting to know each student.)

Referrals: Providing community resources as needed for the student.

School-wide-Student Support Programs:  Provides academic and/or behavioral support as well as career or personal/social development to all students through planned programs, interventions or activities: ( Bullying prevention activities("Unity Day"),"Career Day", behavior incentive programs (Character education; "Citizen of the Month", mentoring programs; Gator Ambassadors and SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Month of the Military Child,Red Ribbon Week, and CHEW (Children Healthy Eating on Weekends) Food Drives