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2017-2018 Gator Chess Team


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for our Chess Club.  Practices are on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:15am-9:00am.  The Chess Ladder has begun, whereby we are beginning to narrow down our team to select a final tournament team to compete for HCE in the Chess Tournament in April.  The tournament team will be selected based on practice performance and attendance and will be decided around the end of February/early March.  Here are the members of the 2017-2018 Chess Club!

2nd Grade: Vaughn Anthony, Mia Cordy, Colton Mayen, Jah’ssim Shepard, Max Smith, Isabella Vallario

3rd Grade: Jordan Abel, Joshua Bartosz, Beckham Breaux, Kale Oswald, Julius Rodriguez, Emma Scott, Bailee Thompson, Kai Vanderweele, Jacob Veysey

4th Grade: Savannah Bryan, Jania Leonard, Omar Medrano, Kevin Scott-Twaambo, Brandon Smith, Candice Stewart, Ka’Leah Turner, Abrey Verhow

5th Grade: Ryan Baxter, Haley Chastain, Alex Dilling, Grace McAllister, Connor Scanlan, Madison Smith, Will Vanderweele, Hunter Webster