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Ms.  Claudia  Fernandez
First Grade Splash Teacher
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Subjects Taught
First Grade, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies


I studied 5 years in a public school of my city called "Normal Departamental para Varones" this is a school where you learn how to become a teacher.

After that, I started my degree in " University of Valle"  the best university of my country. I studied there 6 years. I got my degree in Modern Languages. Besides that I worked as a teacher in bilinguals private schools of my city and I continued studying about different approaches to work on reading and wrtiting skills in an academical environment. 

I really enjoy being a teacher.






My name is Claudia Fernandez, I am from Cali - Colombia a beautiful  city of South America. I have been working as a teacher since 1997 and I have found this experience  wonderful and challenging.

Being a teacher means to learn every single day with my students and enjoy the marvelous experience of teaching abroad.


 Claudia Fernandez