Anne  Hardinger Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Second Grade




1995 - Bachelors Degree, UNCW

2004 - National Board Certified

2011 - Masters Degree, UNCW

2014 - National Board Certification Recertified



Fall 1995 - Internship in third grade

Spring 1996 - 5th grade Math Specialist/ 2nd grade teacher

Fall 1996 - 5th Grade

1997 - 3-6 Math and Reading Specialist

1998 3rd Grade

1999-2010 1st grade

2009-2010 HCES Teacher of the Year

2014 -2015 HCES  Global Education Teacher of the Year

2014-2015, 2015-2016 HCES STEM Teacher of the Year

2010- present Second Grade


 Red country farm truck bouncing down the road


I am a native of eastern North Carolina.  I grew up in a place much more rural than Jacksonville and prefer the slow, quiet life of the country where everyone knows their neighbors.  When I am not at school I enjoy gardening, reading, crafts and outdoor activities like camping and spending time at the park, or in the garden.  I love to spend time exploring and seeing how things work.  I have two grown children, two wonderful grandchildren (4, 1 month), and two pups that make sure I stay busy.