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Polo Shirt Order Reminder  

Friendly reminder Polo shirt money is due tomorrow. I still have 15 students who have not paid, that is half the group, and I haven't had any messages about financial issues. We can not pick up the order until all money is in. If you write a check please make sure your address is on it. If you are not sure if you have paid or not just send me a message and I will check for you. Receipts should be coming home with your child. Thank you again for your continued support.

Welcome to General Music 2016-2017  

Welcome to General Music Class! I am Mrs. Homer and I teach music here at Hunters Creek Elementary. Students will be on a rotating schedule for encores this school year, which means they will not be in music every day. The schedule calendar will be posted on my page on the school website.

Music instruction is based on the NC Essential Standards. Students will be instructed based on Musical Literacy, Musical Response, & Contextual Relevancy. These essential standards are representative of our National Standards relating to…

~ Singing/Use of instruments                         ~Improvisation/Composing

~Reading and Notating music                        ~Listen & Analyzing Music

~Evaluating music & performance

~Understanding the relationship between music, arts, and content areas outside the arts

~Understanding the relationship of music to history and culture

These standards may be reviewed at

Performances: We will have a 3-5 mixed chorus this year, auditions TBA, students who make the group will receive a schedule of performances.

Supplies: If musical items are needed, for example recorders (4th/5th), notification will be sent home with your student with ample time for such items to be purchased. Also, always check my page on the school website and classdojo for updates and announcements.

Homework: The only times there will be homework for students from music class is     1) If students fall behind in class work, for whatever reason and need to complete makeup work.  2) 4th and 5th grade students when learning recorder are required to practice at home for at least 15 mins. Everyday. & 3) If students are assigned group projects which may also be worked on outside of class.

Communication: I utilize an online classroom management program called ClassDojo. Sign in information and more detail will be included in this packet. Both Parent and Student get separate account codes. It is important that BOTH parent and student register. If you have used classdojo before you will need to use the same email and password you have used in the past to log in and then you will input the new code for this year’s class. I will use this technology to keep you updated on class news and individual updates for your child both positive and when they need improvement. Some other teachers also use this program, however the codes I provide you with will be for Music Class communication with the music teacher only. If you need to communicate with the Homeroom teacher, you will need to do so using whatever method they choose to use.  If you do not have access to ClassDojo via computer or App, please provide me with an alternative method of communication such as Text number or email.  Because I teach every student in the school it is easier and more cost effective to use this type of communication instead of sending home paper memos or making phone calls to each parent. However, if there are special circumstances where you will need paper copy or a phone call please let me know. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Classroom Management: As with communication, the ClassDojo program is an important component in the classroom management process in music class. Students will be able to earn points towards special privileges/awards for good behaviors and academics. However, when negative behavior occurs students will lose points which parents will be able to see immediately if connected. Students will be given a verbal warning before the loss of any points. If negative behavior is persistent or it is deemed necessary by the teacher the parent/guardian will also be notified via note home which must be signed and returned. Any extreme negative behaviors will be referred to the office and handled by the administration, parents will be notified if this occurs.

Grading: Students in music class will earn a grade of “S”-Satisfactory or “N”- Needs Improvement each 9 weeks. Throughout each 9 weeks, if a student begins to show a need for improvement parents will be notified via written progress report that will be sent home and need to be returned signed. If a student has received a progress report and does not show improvement by the end of the grading period they will receive the grad of “N” on their report card. An “N” in encore classes could result in an Honor Roll student not receiving Honor Roll status. A student will not receive a grade of “N” without being notified in advance via Progress Report.

~ I look forward to sharing the joy of music with you and your child this year. If you have any questions or concerns never hesitate to contact me. My email is  and the school phone number is 910-353-4443. Don’t forget ClassDojo, it is awesome, I can reply immediately almost every time J

Crystal Homer  ~  HCES General Music Teacher