Hunters Creek Elementary 




In the hallways students will...

  • 1. walk in straight, silent lines and face the front.
  • 2. walk on the right-hand side of the hallway.
  • 3. follow these rules even when you are not with your class.
  • 4. be courteous to everyone.


In the restrooms students will...

  • 1. not take anything unnecessary with them.
  • 2. keep their hands and eyes to themselves.
  • 3. flush the toilet after they have used it.
  • 4. wash their hands with soap and water.
  • 5. use one or two paper towels to dry their hands.
  • 6. put used paper towels in the trash can.
  • 7. return to class or line silently without playing.



 In an emergency students will...       

  • 1. be silent.
  • 2. follow adult directions quickly.
  • 3. stay calm.


In the cafeteria students will...

  • 1. stand silently in a straight line.
  • 2. know their lunch number.
  • 3. say "please and thank you".
  • 4. have two hands on their tray at all times.
  • 5. stand silently behind their seats until everyone has their lunch.
  • 6. use inside voices and the "T" for talking while having polite conversations.


While on the playground students will...

  • 1. maintain a straight, silent line to and from the building.
  • 2. keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • 3. treat each other fairly and politely.
  • 4. speak respectfully to one another.
  • 5. place all garbage in trash cans.
  • 6. wait their turn.
  • 7. follow all adult directions, including how to use equipment safely.
  • 8. not throw rocks, sand, sticks or anything else that could hurt another student.
  • 9. not leave the playground area without permission.


During school assemblies students will...

  • 1. enter and leave silently.
  • 2. follow adult directions before, during and after assembly.
  • 3. use the talking "T" while waiting for the assembly to begin.
  • 4. become silent when an adult stands ready at the front of the room.
  • 5. be polite audience members.

Arrival and Dismissal

During arrival students will...

  • 1. enter silently and walk in a line on the left hand side of the hallway.
  • 2. go only to their classroom or breakfast.

 During dismissal students will...

  • 1. walk in a straight, silent line and face the front.
  • 2. keep their hands, feet, and book bags to themselves.
  • 3. allow space for their book bags.
  • 4. walk at all times.
  • 5. follow all adult directions.


On the Bus

On the bus:

  • 1. Respect others.
  • 2. Enter the bus quickly, quietly, and respectfully and go only to their assigned seat.
  • 3. Remain seated and facing forward while the bus is moving. Keep your back against the back of your seat.
  • 4. Hold your backpack on your lap.
  • 5. Keep backpacks, hands, feet, and all objects to yourself, out of the aisles and away from the windows.
  • 6. Nothing ever is thrown or put out of the bus windows.
  • 7. Ask the bus driver's permission to raise or lower windows.
  • 8. Talk only with the people in your seat, using quiet voices.
  • 9. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting out of your seat.
  • 10. Then, politely, one at a time, exit the bus.
  • 11. Cross in front of the bus and in front of the safety rail.
  • 12. Always walk to and from the bus stop. Use sidewalk to walk to or from the bus. Do not walk down the middle of the street.
  • 13. Always follow any other rules or directions given by the bus driver.
  • 14. Speak to the bus driver privately and respectfully if you have any questions.