Kindergarten Grade Level Expectations


Kindergarten Grade Level Expectations:

This is not the same kindergarten that we attended.  Your child should be reading by the end of his/her kindergarten year!  Here are some of the expectations we have for your child:


Beginning of the Year: Your child should be able to . . .

  • - Be completely independent in the bathroom (buttoning, zipping, belts, closing the door, wiping, washing hands, etc.)
  • - Identify letters in his/her name and write his/her name using a capital letter at the beginning and the rest of the letters be lowercase
  • - Say or sing the ABCs in order and count to 10 (at least!)
  • - Identify colors and basic flat shapes
  • - Identify the parts of a book

Middle of Year: Your child should be able to . . .

  • - Identify all letters and letter sounds in the alphabet
  • - Recognize at least 25 simple sight words
  • - Recognize and explain the attributes (number of sides, etc.) of both flat and 3D shapes (also be able to explain how shapes are alike and different)
  • - Count to at least 50 and recognize numbers 0-20
  • - Write words/sentences using the beginning and ending sounds in words
  • - Read a simple pattern book using picture support (For example: a picture that shows a cat playing with yarn and a sentence beneath the picture that reads, "I see a cat."

End of the Year: Your child should be able to . . .

  • - Recognize at least 50 simple sight words
  • - Count to 100 and recognize numbers 0-30
  • - Write sentences using letter sounds and knowledge of simple sight words that also contain spaces between words, begin with a capital letter, and end with a punctuation mark
  • - Read independently with books that have more than one sentence on a page, contain harder sight words, but still provide picture support